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Our work is split into two camps, Publishing and Theatre, but it is all united by our one driver - learning from the past to help us

understand the future. This informs everything we do.

In the middle of all this is our love of the works of William Shakespeare.

Much of our work comes out of what we have learned through 

by studying his plays and then putting them into new contexts with new writing; doing this results in a startling rejuvenation of his words, characters, and themes, and, just as importantly, helps us to better understand ourselves in today's world.

This work has continued to inform our own original works, and it has been exciting to watch this process of growth continue

down the centuries.

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In 2020 we started our long-term aim of turning our plays

into books; playbooks if you will.

The first one in the series is Shakespeare's Dream, taken from

our debut play, Time After Time ​.

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All our work to date starts with Theatre plays, and so Theatre is 

very much the engine room for us.

Since 2003 we have written and performed over 20 new plays, in Birmingham, London, Edinburgh, Manchester, Bristol,

Bath, Oldham, and Buxton.

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