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About Us . . . inamoment was set up in 2003 (known then as Heart Productions). Our work has been professionally produced over the last 16 years in Birmingham, London, Edinburgh, Manchester, Bristol, Bath, and Buxton.

Writer & Director - Frank Bramwell

Frank is the Director of the company. Being so closely involved with the whole process of getting his work out to the public is something that he values enormously. He is excited by all forms of new writing and the challenges that this presents; he especially enjoys new writing when it is inspired by classical Theatre. For him, learning from the past, engaging with the here and now, and looking forward to the future, are vital if Theatre is to prosper. Shakespeare's work continues to be a major fascination for him.

Producer- Tim Clarke

Tim is the glue that holds the good ship inamoment together, taking responsibility for all areas of Finance, Administration, Publicity, Touring & Venue Management, and Business Planning.

Associate Directors

It has been a privilege to work alongside a wide range of talented and diverse Directors, a number of who have worked on more than just one of our productions:

                                           David Vann

                                           Marcus Fernando

                                           Victoria Grainger

                                           Arnaud Mugglestone

                                           Tina Hofman

                                           Lauren McCarron

We cast Actors and Creatives for each production, recruiting wherever possible from the Midlands, building an ongoing relationship with a number of Actors over the years. 


What we're about


inamoment . . . is about presenting Theatre, in a way that touches people. It's also about actors and audience, together discovering what makes us tick, and hopefully feel good.


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What we believe

"Good Theatre, we believe, can only be delivered if we first listen, and listen very hard at that, to the beat that is inherent in the writing; for it is this pulse that drives the rest of the work - acting, direction, design, music, scenery, in fact everything we do. It is the energy that flows from this that the audience should feel, for touching the hearts and minds of the audience is what it's all about."

Best of 3, Barefaced Nights, NTI Workshops into Performance

Workshops . . . everything we recognise as Theatre today, stripped back to reveal drama that is real and engaging.







We have created a number of initiatives to

help Theatre Professionals

flex their Theatre Muscles:



Training sessions

Devised Theatre

New Theatre Initiative Workshops

Barefaced Nights

Best of 3



For over 14 years we have been putting on professional productions at the following Theatre and non-Theatre venues:-


Birmingham Old Joint Stock Theatre, St.Paul's Church,

Blue Orange Theatre, Crescent Theatre, Birmingham & Midland Institute, Library Theatre, ARC Performing Centre


London Kings Head Theatre, Union Theatre, White Bear Theatre,

Lion and Unicorn Theatre, Greenwich Playhouse, The Miller Pub


Edinburgh Rocket Venues, C Venues, Zoo Venues, PQA Venue


Manchester Oldham Library Theatre, Burgess Centre,

Footlights Theatre, Bandit Thief & Mugger, Guide Bridge Theatre


Bristol St John on the Wall, Room Above Theatre,

Waterstones, Bristol Central Library 


Bath Burdall's Yard Theatre


Buxton Pauper's Pit, The Opera House Studio,

The Old Clubhouse, The Arts Centre,

United Reform Church