It’s not been easy trying to get inside the mind of this most

incredible genius of words, yet the journey we started over

18 years ago has been exhilarating, to say the least. 

Whilst there are many companies throughout the world

regularly presenting Shakespeare’s plays in very different ways,

the approach we have taken revolves around providing

answers to this contention:

Taking as a given truth Richard Eyre’s statement that

Shakespeare gave us the DNA of our Theatre,

how then can it best be passed down the line to:

a) give new and sustainable life to his own work (phase1)


b) create new work that is inspired, influenced by, or

flows out from the tradition Shakespeare worked in (phase2)

c) help us better understand the issues and

opportunities that we have to engage with

in today's world (phase3)

This is what we set out to do, and since then we have written

and performed 5 sequels to Shakespeare's original plays and 6 plays that take us into the creativity of Shakespeare.

We believe our approach of staying faithful to the original works, whilst putting them in a very different setting, results in a startling rejuvenation of the text, giving them a whole new life and meaning; reaction from audience members and the press give evidence to this.

For a selection of Reviews and Audience Feedback quotes

from all After Shakespeare productions please click here.

This is our most recent venture and one that will be taking

pole position over the coming years.

Our intention is to work our way through the back catalogue

of our playscripts, as well as creating new playbooks along the way.

For details of all our books, please click here.

About Us . . . inamoment theatre was set up in 2003 (known then as Heart Productions). Our Theatre work has been professionally produced over the last 18 years in Birmingham, London, Edinburgh, Manchester, Oldham, Bristol, Bath, and Buxton. In that time we have won a number of awards, including Best New Writing, Best Play, Best Adaptation etc.

inamoment . . . is about presenting Theatre, in a way that touches people. It's also about actors and audience, together discovering what makes us tick, and hopefully feel good:

"Good Theatre, we believe, can only be delivered if we first listen, and listen very hard at that, to the beat that is inherent in the writing; for it is this pulse that drives the rest of the work - acting, direction, design, music, scenery, in fact, everything we do. It is the energy that flows from this that the audience should feel, for touching the hearts and minds of the audience is what it's all about."